8 Jun 2012

Watch Dogs (Ubisoft) [E3 2012]

Without doubt being hailed as one of the best things to come out of E3, Ubisoft's new IP has been 2 years in development and looks set to debut on current gen consoles despite it's amazing look. The trailer itself is visually stunning and it's hard to believe that something like this could run on current machines, there's just too much going on. For me this game symbolises everything that is good about a show like E3, it came out of nowhere at the end of a conference, looks incredible and is looks to offer something different to the games we're currently playing, in truth it's something to be genuinely excited about.

From the start of the video we see it's very much about electronics and security systems, set in Chicago sometime this decade, security systems have gone to a new level, gone are interspersed networks of CCTV cameras, this is all run by one system, cameras, phone tracing and satellites, everything is monitored, the central system controls every piece of technology. You play as Aiden Pierce who seems to be able to hack pretty much anything. The video centres on Aiden's attempts to assassinate a media mogul. to do this the game seems to employ a line-of-sight technique to hacking, if you can see it then you can use it, turn off electronics, lights, hack phones and listen to conversations, control traffic lights and jam signals, all of these can be used to aid you throughout the game. Combat utilises a mixture of stealth and cover-based shooting.


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