10 Jun 2012

Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion (3DS) [E3 2012]

Mickey's first Epic outing on the 3DS is not a spin-off or port of the direct sequel "Epic Mckey: Power of Two' that's coming to home consoles this year, instead it's a completely different game set in the same universe.
Taking place in the same Wasteland from the Original Epic Mickey game on the Wii, 'Power of Illusion' promises to explore the "lost history" of Disney video games. (For anyone who hasn't played the original; Wasteland is a world set-up for the forgotten Disney characters to live in.) It's stylings hark back to Castle of Illusion on the Master System and Mega Drive, with the Castle itself being central to the plot once more. A wizard has transported the Castle to Wasteland and the evil witch Mizrabel has trapped Minnie Mouse and a number of other Disney Characters inside in a plot to escape the world herself. Mickey must travel into Wasteland once more and free his friends.

Gameplay across the two screens is split with the familiar 'paint and erase' element of the series occurring on the touch screen whilst the side scrolling element akin to 'Castle of Illusion' is on the top screen. The painting element of the game has a direct impact on how well the player will do, drawing a perfect cannon for example will mean it only harms enemies but if drawn imperfectly then it has the potential to harm mickey as well.


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