6 Jun 2012

New Super Mario Bros U (Wii U) [E3 2012]

So it turns out Nintendo's tech demo from last years E3 announcement which they said "wasn't a retail product" is in fact a retail product and also a launch title for the new console. In fact this surprises me.

Why Nintendo havn't used Mario to show off the new HD functions of the system by making another full blown adventure game is beyond me, in fact a port of Galaxy would suit just as well, instead they seem to have just taken the tried and tested 2D platforming experience of the DS games and made an HD version (which in all honesty looks weird). This also puzzles me because it means there's now 2 almost identical Mario platform games being released close to each other with New Super Mario Bros 2 coming to 3DS in August. Also they need to pick a new name otherwise I'm just calling them NSMBU and NSMB2 from now on.

Anyway this new Mario title does't do much new really, its the usual stuff, except not just content in living in the body of raccoon Mario is now taking to stuffing himself in flying squirrels as well now, also it appears that you can use different yoshi's for different purposes, like floaty ones, glow in the dark ones and bubble shooting ones. Handy. You also have the ability to use Nintendo's new Miiverse, meaning that you get annoying pop-ups on the tablet screen from other people playing or who have played. Then there's a new 'Boost mode' whereby four people use normal controls and play the game and a fifth person providing you have that many friends) can use the tablet controller to place block in the screen to help 'boost' the players...see what they've done there. clever huh? Also the tablet player does have the opportunity to become an outcast amongst his/her own friends by dropping blocks on Mario and co. and actually killing them, queue more Wii based injuries in the living room, this time it's controllers being smashed into heads on purpose.


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