12 Jun 2012

Nyko Circle Pad Better Than Nintendo's (3DS)

Nyko have done what Nintendo couldn't, they've made the circle pad pro into something that actually looks good. The circle pad pro launched by Nintendo this year with Resident Evil was not well received, it has pretty much disappeared off the shelves so arguably must be selling well despite only working with a handful of games. What can't be argued however is that it does work well, game like Resident Evil and Metal Gear solid cry out for an extra thumbstick if you play then without.
What Nyko have done however is create a Circle Pad that not only looks good, but also is multi-functional unlike the Nintendo offering. This doubles up as a protector for the console, extends the battery life by up to 3 times and obviously adds a secondary slide pad.
Set to launch this October for around $30, i for one will definitely be picking one up.


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