8 Jun 2012

Gears of War: Judgement (Xbox 360) [E3 2012]

A new Gears of War game is on the way touted for release in Q1 2013 and is being made by BulletStorm developer People Can Fly, the rumour before the big reveal was that the new game would follow the series main protagonist Marcis Fenix on his journey through the pendulum wars and we'd see the events leading up to his incarceration where we find him at the beginning of the fist Gears game. Instead Epic Games have thrown a curveball and delivered a game focusing on Baird and his 'Kilo Squad' which thankfully includes the one and only Cole-train. We see from the trailer that the squad is on trial for various crimes including treason and theft of military tech. This is a great move in my opinion as these two were clearly some of the best characters in the series and filling in the back story for them can only make for a good tale in the long run and serves to refresh the series.

Here's the announcement trailer which looks great as usual for most GOW games;

The gameplay in Gears is expected to follow on from the last three titles, however multiplayer is getting an overhaul with the introduction of a class system, meaning now there's a greater variety of gameplay and hopefully will add to the longevity of the gameplay with multiple ways to play wit the COG armies choosing between soldier, scout, medic and engineer while the Locusts have wretch, ticker, kantus, grenadier, bloodmount, mauler, serapede and corpse. all of these have unique abilities which will help set them apart from other titles which have a similar system.

Here's a look at some gameplay with developer commentary;


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