10 Jun 2012

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (3DS) [E3 2012]

Luigi doesn't seem to have much luck with his trips to mansions, I imagine he just wants some time away from Mario, relax, see a nice country house, look at some art maybe. If that's the case then he should have probably seen a travel agent instead of that professor who instead straps him to a hoover and sends into these huge houses full of bloody ghosts.
Gameplay of this sequel is similar to it's Gamecube predecessor, except this time there's more puzzles to solve, not just capturing ghosts. When it comes to capturing these pesky poltergeists Luigi must first weaken them with his flashlight and then "vacuum wrestle" them, think ghostbusters, but with a vacuum instead of a proton pack. When Ghosts are captured and puzzle's solved Luigi gets keys which then allow him further into the mansion. As there's no second stick on the 3DS then the motion controls can also be used to help control Luigi whilst he wrestles them down.


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