6 Jun 2012

Game & Wario (Wii U) [E3 2012]

Usually the prospect of Wario being in a game would excite me, but as Nintendo generally does nothing but rehash old products they have seen fit to disappoint me again by not letting Wario live up to his full potential, seriously, just let Waluigi take over the minigame fest and give Wario a platformer again, having just watched the Wreck-it-Ralph trailer I feel like Wario should be the star of that film, constantly having to put up with the same old crap, whilst Mario gets like 60 hundred million games every year...what a dick.

Anyway this crapfest looks all shiny, but evidently its just another title full of minigames and you'll be bored after an hour, thanks Nintendo.

There's no official video as yet, but here's some show floor footage...enjoy.


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