8 Jun 2012

Halo 4 (Xbox 360) [E3 2012]

The gameplay demo/trailer we were treated to in the microsoft conference opened E3 this year and shows Master Chief back in his first game since Halo 3, which means it's actually been 5 years since we last saw the Chief, if you don't count the brief Easter Egg at the end of Halo Reach.
Set 5 years after Halo 3, Master chief and Cortana appear to be on an alien world teaming with coveneant and forerunner enimies alike and a UNSC ship has crash landed, closley followed by a massive Forerunner object, with mankind's future in the balance this new force must be stopped.

There's plenty of new weapons and tech to get your hands on. we get to see a taste of it with new transformer-like laser weapons and master chief's thermal vision shown off. The trailer itself looks excellent and shows that 343 are pushing the ageing console to it's limits for the Chief's last hurrah on this system. It's said that this this is the first part of a new trilogy known as the 'Reclaimer Saga' which probably means we can expect Halo 5 and 6 to be on the next-gen Xbox.

Halo 4's action packed story is partnered with a multiplayer that promises new and exciting gameplay through what is being dubbed as "Halo Infinity." From the start you'll 'birth' your own Spartan soldier, it's not nearly as painful as it sounds i promise. You start on the UNSC Infinity, the largest ship in the fleet, this serves as a hub for all multiplayer activities in the game. As the official press release puts it;

"Here, you’ll build your custom Spartan-IV supersoldier and progress your multiplayer career across all “Halo 4” competitive and cooperative game modes. As you advance your Spartan career aboard the largest starship in the UNSC fleet, your multiplayer experience will be embedded in the fiction of “Halo” like never before, where your progress and game choices affect your appearance, your arsenal and your role on the battlefield."

Spartan Ops' mode which intersects with the main story of the game and continues in weekley episodic content, these weekley cut scenes set the backdrop for the weekly mission sets whch can be completed in Single player or in a group. these focus on the story of the Infinity and essentially means you get 2 camplaign modes in one game with the main storyline following Master chief and the secondary story following you on the Infinity.
War Games is the new name for the collection of normal multiplayer modes like slayer and capture the flag. this time instead of randomly taking place across worlds with no reason for spartans to be killing each other, Halo 4 gives the fights new meaning by making them out as simulations in the Combat Deck on board the Infinity. here the deck changes into different maps and scenarios for players to face off against each other.

Overall this new iteration of Halo is shaping up well and the secondary campaign promises to extend the life of the game well beyond the usual point where people usually move on.


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