6 Jun 2012

Batman: Arkham City Armoured Edition (Wii U) [E3 2012]

Batman: Arkham City Armoured Edition (or "Armored Edition" if you're American) is amongst some of the bigger gaming franchises not usually seen on Nintendo's consoles that are coming out for the Wii U this year.

The game is said to include details not found in other editions of the game. The 'Armoured Edition' of the title seems to be in direct reference to an ability in which Batman's new armoured suit collects energy from downed opponents to make him stronger, faster and gain new abilities in combat. If you're asking yourself if that's the only difference from the previously released versions then here's your answer; the Wii U gamepad lends itself to Batman's gadgets, for example in allowing for remote controlled Batarangs to be separately controlled and using detective mode to scan the in game environments. so there you have it, lots of important details that totally re-invent the game and make you want to buy it all over again on a new console yes?
What do you mean no?

Anyway here's the trailer, The main thing i get from this is that i need an 80 foot screen to be able to appreciate the full high definition that the Wii U can offer, obviously i'll head out and pick one up now in anticipation of the release.


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