14 Mar 2012

BBC iPlayer to Land on Xbox Next Week

The BBC's catch-up TV service is to land on the Xbox dashboard in the next week and will join the existing offerings from Channel 4 and Channel 5.

Microsoft have been trying to sort a deal out with the BBC for some time but stumbled on the beeb's refusal to go along with the Xbox's plan to only offer premium apps to gold subscribers. This was apparently in violation of the BBC's TV license agreements which is something along the lines of them not being able to charge for these services whilst being funded by public money. No word yet on who caved and if the app will be available to Silver subscribers as well.

With BBC, Channel4 , Channel 5 and Sky player now available through the Dashboard, we await the arrival of the ITV player later this year for the Xbox to be able to offer all major UK televisual content through it's service, something no other console can currently do.


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