5 Mar 2012

A New Look At Halo 4

I for one am quite excited about Master Chief's return as i'm probably one of the few who actually prefer the sci-fi shooter series over any war based offering such as Battlefield or COD, the main reason for this is that overall I just find it more fun. But that's besides the point, i'm not having that argument again. The main thing you'll get from the below video is that the new developers of the Halo franchise, 343, are bigging it up alot and rightly so, if you're not excited about the game you're developing then you shouldn't be making it.
Chief has new armour which you can see in the screenshot above (though doesn't his hand look odd?), the battle rifle is back, multiplayer is more promised to be more balanced and is actually fiction based meaning that there's a reason why spartans are battling it out. Said battles will take place across maps which aren't just based on story levels for once and are promised to bring more of  balance to multiplayer fights. Helping to change up the multiplayer slightly are many customization options ranging from changing the looks or your new Spartan 4 soldier to actually giving them something that will enhance abilities and your gameplay. The story mode is being touted as "more personal" but other than that not much more has been given away.
Halo 4 comes out sometime later this year, my money's on a late september release.

[source: Kotaku]


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