3 Mar 2012

Valve are Building a Console

Chalk this one up as a surprise, just when you think that the home console fight is destined to be a threeway forever, in steps Valve to change it all up. The difference between Valve and anyone else looking to get into the race is that they have the clout to actually pull it off.
Valve currently own and operate the massive Steam platform which currently accounts for at least 50% of digital game sales and pretty much anything is available on it so partnership isn't exactly an issue. The fact that any other software would be allowed on the device won't hurt as well,  EA's Origin would be a prime example of a potential candidate. With a rumour floating that this console/set top box will have an i7 CPU, 8gb of RAM and a GPU from Nvidia it puts it instantly ahead of the pack and should have no problems playing anything made for a good while yet. The main draw for any potential developer is that there's no licensing fees, making it an instant playground for potential indie titles.
Multiple USB inputs should be supported meaning you could play a game with a regular controller, movement sensing device or even the good old keyboard and mouse. This would include the below patented device that allows you to hotswap different parts of the controller to suit your needs. If all this stands up and we see this 'Steam Box' appear at E3 then I for one won't be upgrading my PC anytime soon, not when Valve can provide it for me at (i'm guessing) a much lower price.



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